Have you ever heard the phrase, Carpe Diem? It means, seize the day or seize the moment. When you think about your life, and the direction that it is going, can you honestly say that there are areas that could use improvement? Are you living your best life or simply existing? Do you wish that you could improve your life and increase your happiness? If you said yes, check out these tips that I am going to share with you so that you can upgrade your life.

  1. Evaluate and Detox yourself from unhealthy relationships. Think about the current relationships that you are in with your friends, family, and co-workers. Are they positive? Do they have similar goals that you do? Is there anyone in your circle that you admire? As Jim Rohn once said, “you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” Make sure that you choose to surround yourself with happy, healthy people who will support you and encourage you. If you feel the need to remove negative people in your circle, then DETOX away! Disconnect from people who do not mean you well, it doesn’t matter if they are family or not. Your peace of mind weighs so much more, and you deserve so much more. Choose your relationships wisely.
  2. Increase your confidence through affirmations. An affirmation is a positive, written statement that you think, write, and believe about yourself. The key to affirmations is BELIEVING them. Take a moment and think about a positive statement about yourself. Write it down. An example of a positive statement is I am amazing. I must believe that statement and focus on the affirmation, repeating it multiple times during the day. I am telling you, it works, and you will notice your confidence will begin to increase and improve.
  3. Take some “ME TIME.” When was the last time that you did something for you? Between work, your career, kids, club memberships, and more, life can get extremely busy and it is easy to lose yourself. Make it a necessary point in your life to have “me time,” and relax. Get your calendar out and write in pen some activity that aligns with living your best life. Hold yourself accountable to your written goal. In order to truly take some time for yourself, here are some ideas of activities that you can do to relax your mind: book a massage, take a hot bath, light aromatic candles, exercise, go watch a movie, read a book, have dinner at your favorite restaurant, book a hair and nail appointment, and the list never ends. Whatever you do, take care of yourself.


Life is too short to work and never relax or enjoy it. Work hard AND play hard. Laugh a lot, eat a good cupcake every now and then, surround yourself with amazing people and smile!

If you are tired of existing, working your 9-5 and need additional ideas or activities to maximize your life, contact me at demetria@demetriagilkey.com so that I can help you BLOSSOM INTO YOU.