Determined 2 Succeed


Hello! I am Demetria Gilkey. I am a certified life coach, business consultant, professional speaker and emcee. I am here to help you strengthen your confidence, eliminate your fear, and unlock your potential so that you can maximize your life and achieve your goals. Life is not about existing, but it is about living.

In my signature life coaching program, Blossom Into You, I will work with you so that you will have more clarity, help you unlock your purpose, help you flourish in your life and career, improve your confidence, and so much more! Whew!!! I get excited about the possibilities! 

As a business consultant, I provide unforgettable team-building workshops, facilitate corporate retreats, and I train managers how to improve the overall customer experience so that they can reduce customer dissatisfaction, increase customer loyalty and boost profits. 

And last, but certainly not least, I am a professional speaker and emcee. That’s right! I enjoy providing memorable presentations for audiences across the country. People often describe my speaking style as energetic, unforgettable, inspirational. Audiences are guaranteed to learn valuable takeaways & immediately apply them to their personal life and professional career, while having a great time! 

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